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Meet Accutronics at Robotics and Automation



Robotics and Automation will take place on:  

2nd and 3rd November 2021
from 9:30am (GMT) at the CBS Arena in Coventry.

Meet over 100 exhibitors, be inspired by industry leaders, understand emerging technologies and see the latest technology.

Accutronics Ltd will be showcasing the wide range of cells, battery packs and chargers designed and manufactured, by us and parent company Ultralife Corporation, to meet the demands of robot manufacturers across the globe.

Off-the-shelf batteries include both Lithium Iron Phosphate and Lithium-ion models. For bespoke power requirements where an off-the-shelf solution is unavailable, we can develop custom batteries and chargers.

Please note that this does not include entry to the event and you will also need to register for a free ticket with the organiser (click here).